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Discover Community Network LLC – 2017 Year End Business Report

Thank you for reading this last Business Report for 2017. In this report we will give you an overview of the entire DCN (Discover Community Network) as well as a forecast for the next year. As you already know the DCN is comprised of 4 parts; the Community (area) Websites called “Discover” the DCN websites which are general/universal websites, the Social Media outlets, and the Internet Radio Network. At this time we have well over 350 combined resources that allow us to potentially reach over 2 billion people all over the world. While we continue to push for that goal we also continue to expand the network to help more and more people easily “Discover” things, people and businesses they might have not known existed before.

Community Website News

As of right now the Discover Community Network has community websites in 32 out of the 50 states in the USA. We continue to add more areas to the network and are committed to reaching the goal of having all 50 states by the middle of 2018 and that will complete North America. We have also added Houston, San Antonio, Kansas, Idaho and Kentucky to the “Discover” Network. Internationally we have added Tokyo Japan, China, South Africa, India and Egypt.

DCN Website News

We have also expanded the DCN (General) websites as well. DCN Tech, DCN Earth, DCN Kids, and DCN Politics are the newest additions to the network. We also added DCN Crypto Currency which has proven to be extremely popular. We will continue to explore areas of opportunity for the DCN websites and will expand them as needed.

Social Media

Social Media in the network continues to grow at a steady rate. The process is pretty much the same as it has always been. As we add more community websites and DCN sites, we set up the social media to match it. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the main media channels we use along with YouTube.

DCN Internet Radio

DCN Radio 8 – Music of the Caribbean is now online. Our focus for this station is more on Reggae dance music but we are playing some traditional Caribbean styles. DCN Radio 8 is featured on our Caribbean based community websites; Discover Guam, Discover Puerto Rico and Discover Jamaica. To accommodate our growing Internet Radio network, we had to take DCN Radio 4, 5, and 6 offline to affect a server upgrade. This has been problematic for us as well as our hosting company but we anticipate having the issue fixed soon.

Investor Information

We are in the process of talking to many people as far as investing in the DCN. If anybody would like to enquire as to how to get involved please feel free to call us at 877-335-7779 and talk to Drew Hudson our head of Investor Relations

Discover the Difference

The Discover Community Network is a way for Businesses and Entrepreneurs get in front of the people that need/want what they offer. What makes us different is that we have tailored solutions and the network to distribute the resources to the targeted group. Depending on the area we can also offer exclusive marketing and promotion.  As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Troy A. Brewer
CEO Discover Community Network LLC