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Discover Community Network Fall 2017 Business Report

Discover County Network
Fall 2017 Business Report
Troy A. Brewer CEO
Direct Line: 530-428-5395


Thank you for reading this Fall Business Report. In this report we will give you an overview of the entire DCN (Discover Community Network) as well as a forecast for the upcoming year. As you already know the DCN is comprised of 4 parts; the Community (area) Websites called “Discover” the DCN websites which are general/universal websites, the Social Media outlets, and the Internet Radio Network. At this time we have well over 350 combined resources that allow us to potentially reach over 2 billion people all over the world. While we continue to push for that goal we also continue to expand the network to help more and more people easily “Discover” things, people and businesses they might have not known existed before.


Community Website News


We have expanded the area websites quite a bit in 2017. Domestically we have added more sites in California with Discover Fresno and Discover San Mateo County also we added Discover Austin TX, Discover Orlando FL,  Discover Mississippi, Discover Iowa, Discover North Dakota, Discover South Dakota, Discover Oklahoma, and Discover Wyoming. Internationally this year we added Discover Italy, Discover India, Discover Barcelona, and Discover Buenos Aires.


We expect to continue to add more community based “Discover” website in 2018 that are more focused on Europe and Asia.


DCN Website News


New in 2017 for the general DCN websites are DCN Finance and Credit, DCN Software, DCN Tickets, DCN World News and the DCN Medial Network. We are also in the process of forming partnerships with Knutek Inc. (Makeology and Skincare), A-List Publications (Audio/Video Magazine) and various Network Marketing businesses as we try to provide as much value as possible to the visitors to the websites. We are also talking to various real estate partners for the community website areas to help them with sales and promotions.


Social Media


Social Media is a huge part of the overall DCN strategy as we have over 125 social media outlets and are always expanding that number. Social Media drives the overall network traffic and helps us create a connection to the various people and businesses in an area. We are also using YouTube and Twitter as focal points to move traffic off social media to the websites which to us, is the key to the generation of sales. We are also creating more videos for the areas, businesses and non-profits, are doing more and more 1 minute or less videos’ for our various social media channels. We feel this is the most effective way to use video on social media.


DCN Internet Radio


We had a bit of a setback as far as TLM (Total Listener Minutes) for the radio network. We are right at 600,000 for last month (actually 596 and some change). Natural disasters in Texas and Florida definitely put a dent in our numbers, and we expect over the next few months the numbers will come back to normal. We are also in the process of adding 3 more stations which will bring our total to 10 stations. DCN Radio 8 will be an all Spanish station, DCN Radio 9 will be a Reggae station and DCN Radio 10 might be an all Hard Rock station.


We are projecting that within the next 2 years we will have a total of 20 Internet Radio Stations.


Investor Information


We are in the process of talking to many people as far as investing in the DCN. If anybody would like to inquire as to how to get involved please feel free to call us at 530-428-5395 or email and talk to Drew Brewer our head of Investor Relations.


Future of DCN


We will continue to expand the DCN network, we will continue to “Discover” more areas and bring them to the world. What we are also starting to do is bring smaller niche networks to the masses. This provides us with content for our visitors and value to the businesses that we work with. As always any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.


Our main focus areas for the future are…


  • Health and Beauty
  • Skincare
  • Real Estate
  • Business Opportunity